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                  Coal industry "two changes" construction must be based on enterprise policy
                  RELEASE TIME: 2019-06-27

                  In recent years, a new round of coal mine technology revolution characterized by information and intelligence is emerging, providing unprecedented opportunities for the accelerated transformation and high-quality development of the coal industry.

                  In this process, the way of government-led enterprise promotion has greatly improved the overall informatization and intelligence level of the industry, and the mine has achieved safe, efficient and innovative development. Large state-owned coal enterprises, represented by the national energy group, tongshan coal group and shaanxi coal group, took the lead in practice, vigorously promoted the construction of informatization and intelligence, and promoted the safe and efficient development of coal mines.

                  But in the process of information, intelligent construction, there are also some old coal enterprises blindly set up stalls, speed, regardless of their own innate conditions, big information, intelligent construction, cost a lot of people and money but little effect phenomenon.

                  The informatization and intelligent construction of coal enterprises involves internal mechanisms, interests and many other aspects, which are all related to the whole, and should be carried out gradually according to their own actual situation, so as not to end in failure. The author believes that the coal industry to promote the construction of information must do the following aspects:

                  First, proceed from the coal mine own situation, gradually promote the information, intelligent work through the pilot. Before carrying out informatization and intelligent construction, it is necessary to find out the mine's own geological conditions, equipment, human resources, management and other aspects. The pilot should be carried out in appropriate departments and posts first, accumulate experience, comprehensively judge the advantages and disadvantages, and then gradually carry out.

                  For example, in henan, shaanxi, shandong and other places, there are many old coal enterprises, which are faced with aging mines, insufficient resources, numerous personnel and uneven quality, etc., and the enterprises themselves are burdened with heavy burdens. Therefore, it is difficult for them to carry out comprehensive informatization and intelligent construction. Restricted by mechanism, capital, personnel and other factors, for these old coal enterprises, we can start to make solid progress from point to area, and judge whether it is suitable for comprehensive expansion after accumulating experience, how high its feasibility is, we must not force on the project, development, to make the old coal enterprises already difficult.

                  Second, dare to break the system and institutional barriers. Coal production links, long chain involved, each independent units each have their own interests, coal enterprises should start from the whole, dare to and good at breaking each link independent system, assessment method by establishing a new system in liability clear, make the effective connection of each link, strengthen the synergistic effect of each link, to drive the enterprise informationization, intellectualized construction overall effectiveness maximization.

                  Third, break the habitual thinking of workers and build a team of high-quality talents. Informationization and intelligentization will finally come to the employees. While improving the mine production efficiency, informationization and intelligentization also raise the requirements for personnel quality and comprehensive ability. Coal enterprises should change the traditional way of salary distribution to explore and attract high-quality talents to participate in it. In the process of promotion, some employees will inevitably resist, and even think that the previous manual way is more convenient, so they should timely resolve the ideological knot of the majority of employees. We should start with the idea of employees, through on-site demonstration and concentrated learning, so that employees can learn, understand, really understand its benefits, stimulate the enthusiasm of the majority of employees and enthusiasm to participate.

                  Informationization and intellectualization are important approaches to the structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading of the coal industry. Only when coal enterprises grasp the opportunities in combination with their own conditions can they gain advantages in the future competition. (author: xie meiqiang, yuzhong sales co., LTD., shaanxi coal transportation and sales group)

                  Reproduced from China coal market network


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